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V8 other than 3 5 0

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I was wondering if anyone has a V-8 other than a 350. I know 350's fit nice but has anyone ever heard or seen a 400. I imagine you would have to modify it b/c it is bigger than a 350 right? I dont know I seen a complete 400 for 350 and it is too good to pass up without seeing the options.
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. The 400 was only produced for like 10 years, so the 350 is just more readly available thats all. What are you looking for in a motor? Street performance, drag racing, or sounds & looks?
I dunno exactly how many years they made them either, but finding one's like looking for hen's teeth. If you found a Chevy 400 for 350 bux, and it's not cracked, snatch that bad boy up.As far as other motors, well, you know, ehh...errr... it would be more of a pain, but there ARE a few other manufacturers out there that make them......I toyed with the idea of putting a 5.0 in one.The idea pretty much died right there, but it crossed my mind :mrgreen:
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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