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V8 other than 3 5 0

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I was wondering if anyone has a V-8 other than a 350. I know 350's fit nice but has anyone ever heard or seen a 400. I imagine you would have to modify it b/c it is bigger than a 350 right? I dont know I seen a complete 400 for 350 and it is too good to pass up without seeing the options.
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The Chevy small block 400 is the same size as the 350. A 400 is known for not cooling the best unless you switch the heads or do some machining. I know if you set a 400 up properly you won't have the problem unless your making serious power. The 400 was only produced for like 10 years, so the 350 is just more readly available thats all. What are you looking for in a motor? Street performance, drag racing, or sounds & looks?
If you just wanna get a V8 in there to start why not spend $1500 on a nice late 80s 2wd pickup with TBI(that way you know it runs good) and swap motors and sell the pickup with the 4.3L(from your Van) in it for $1500. :clap:

Something to think about if your looking for just a block: Be careful with certain 4-bolt blocks before you buy them, especially the 400 small block Chevy. It is very common for these blocks to be cracked in the web area near the mains.
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Heck just a stock 350 would be a decent enough jump to surprise a few people on the streets. :cool:
Thats like 275hp or so.... :cool:
$uperJoe said:
Mr_Bowtie said:
Thats like 275hp or so.... :cool:
if you take off the fuel injection and get the new manifold from i think eddlebrock and change the cam you can be at 460 hp with no inside work at all
Wow that pretty impressive! Is the 5.3 just a 327?
^I know what you mean my buddy has a '03 Chevy 4x4 with 3.73 gears in the rear and the 5.3L and that thing moves out really good. Definatly a very worthy motor to put into a Astro. :cool:
That would be a lot of work as you would have do a rear mounted twin turbo system? Wonder if you could squeeze a single turbo under the hood or bumper or something to keep it up front? Delete the heater box? Anyone know of a Astro with a turbo'd SBC?

I have seen a turbo'd 4.3 Astro on youtube that has a kit a company use to make for the '96 and up Astro:

Of course there is alway this guy and his 427 SC Astro(but I wanna see a turbo'd SCB dangnabit!):
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