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V8 other than 3 5 0

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I was wondering if anyone has a V-8 other than a 350. I know 350's fit nice but has anyone ever heard or seen a 400. I imagine you would have to modify it b/c it is bigger than a 350 right? I dont know I seen a complete 400 for 350 and it is too good to pass up without seeing the options.
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not a member here but there was an astro with a slightly built 400 and a 200 shot going to it on "pinks"and it was taking names on that episode
Mr_Bowtie said:
Thats like 275hp or so.... :cool:
if you take off the fuel injection and get the new manifold from i think eddlebrock and change the cam you can be at 460 hp with no inside work at all
astro355 said:
Oh, wow. I love this thread! *cough* 350 with a turbo *cough*
i heard one turbo and two coughs. i have these cough drops that say reduce symptoms by half. ill give you one if maybe you go with two turbos instead. :layrubber:
not to mention that the torque off the line would spin the tires with the 383 and the spool of the turbo once its rolling would help the mid range rpm launch a lot
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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