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I have taken what many of the Original members have listed on the old site of what is needed and what is recommend to get for the TBI V8 swap so here it is if I missed anything let me know and I gladly add it to this list and hopefully it will get pinned.

1) The V8 (Preferably same year as your van but not necessary)
2) Motor Mounts (Available Two places Through Jakepatch or
3) TB bracket from V8 if not on motor
4) V8 fuel injectors (Need to put them on Astro TBI don't forget rebuild kit)
5) 7747 computer w/V8 chip Or new chip from
6) V8 exhaust manifolds or Headman headers (68600) (use copper gaskets)
7) V8 distributor
8) Wire and connectors to lengthen some wires
9) Nipple for the back of the manifold
10) V8 knock sensor if using TBI
11) Truck valve covers
12) Thermostat housing for V8 (Don't use V6 housing hole too small)
13) Front tranny seal (better do it now while its easy to get too)
14) Transgo shift kit

The following has been recommended by several members
(You don't need but are strongly recommended)

1) intake w/ all acc. connected from an 87-92 van or truck 305 or 350 will make connecting everything easy to connect rather than trying to make the V6 stuff fit.
2) Tranny cooler
3) Oil cooler
4) Flowkooler disc in waterpump vanes
5) 3 flu radiator out of an 89 Astro (heavy duty)
6) Taurus electric fan
7) vette servo

hope this helps you all!!! :banana: :layrubber:
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I had to chuckle when I re-read this list... HALF of the items listed I did not need or use for mine. My list IS very different. There is (for some) more than one way to do this!

For me, it was the quickest, simplest, strongest, most reliable, and least expensive best bang for the buck. I was also fortunate in what I am allowed and able to do.

Having an engine ready... is a big deal! Having all the parts already is a big deal too.

You can literally do a V8 swap in a weekend or two (with everything ready), or take 3+ years. You can spend a lot of money, or very little (aside from the engine itself). It can be complex, or simple. There are harder ways to do it.. there are easier ways to do it. Of course a lot of it depends on you.. your circumstances, your objective, your goals.

State laws vary, and may decide how and what you can do as well. :eek:
five10freak said:
Mmusicman, your shorty (van) is HOT, CALIENTE!!!!!!!!,LOL :rockon: :rockon: :rockon:. I gotta check it out next trip down to Florida.
It's actually nothing much more than a plain 92 cargo shorty with wheels and an engine. LOL
But it's clean, simple, fun, runs nice, and I like it! My 1st Astro! :mrgreen:

Here are my V8 swap threads (lots of photos):
* Swap #1 (2014): viewtopic.php?f=42&t=47249
* Swap #2 (2016): viewtopic.php?f=42&t=97010

Pulling into the garage:

Idling and mild highway acceleration (going easy on a worn transmission)
(turn up volume to hear idle from inside):

Embarrassing one wheel

The van was loaded with sound equipment (most of the weight on the left side)..
and I didn't want to stay in the throttle too hard with a very old/worn transmission.
I need to do a better burnout video!

Next on the list is a POSI-TRACTION unit! :mrgreen:


V6 coming out (282K miles):

V8 motor going in:

Cool night shot (after drop):

The 350 engine DONE! (ready for installation):

Installed inside view:


* JTR V8 conversion mounts
* Hedman 68600 shorty headers
* Electric fan
* Fuel regulator
* Heads (with accys holes)
* Flex plate (dual pattern that accommodates 700R4)
* Throttle cable and brackets (from any carbureted van)
* One HEI V8 distributor
* One HOT-ROD Gen 1 carbureted V8 engine!


* Transmission choice is optional, but later model 90-up stock 700R4 will work fine!
* Tranny cooler, shift kit, stall converter, corvette servo.. all good trans options.
* 700R4 lockup is wired to a simple 12v switch.
* Exhaust is up to you. (I went simple true dual 2 1/2" Magnaflow turbos... side exits)
* All V6 4.3 accys bolt straight up! A/C, powersteering, alternator, waterpump, pulleys, etc.
* Stock radiator is sufficient in cooler climates, or without A/C. (I went bigger)
* Remove computer, remove most un-needed wiring. (Gen1 gauges work without computer)
* Engine technically only needs ONE single ignition power wire to run! (to HEI distributor)
* Run fuel pump on standard ignition source too.
* Swap engines though the front (w/exhaust attached) is simple... and easiest! (Gen1 or Gen2)
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* Front is BFG 215/60-15 on 15x8 Centerline Polished Autodrag (4" backspacing).
* Rear is Hankook P295/50-15 on 15x10 Centerline Polished Autodrag (5" backspacing).
(rear tire is less than 1" from spring)

* Rear suspension is stock
* Front spring has 1 coil cut (about 1 3/4 drop).

No other mods except slider door bottom modified to clear tire.
KYB Monotube shocks all the way around.
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