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I have taken what many of the Original members have listed on the old site of what is needed and what is recommend to get for the TBI V8 swap so here it is if I missed anything let me know and I gladly add it to this list and hopefully it will get pinned.

1) The V8 (Preferably same year as your van but not necessary)
2) Motor Mounts (Available Two places Through Jakepatch or
3) TB bracket from V8 if not on motor
4) V8 fuel injectors (Need to put them on Astro TBI don't forget rebuild kit)
5) 7747 computer w/V8 chip Or new chip from
6) V8 exhaust manifolds or Headman headers (68600) (use copper gaskets)
7) V8 distributor
8) Wire and connectors to lengthen some wires
9) Nipple for the back of the manifold
10) V8 knock sensor if using TBI
11) Truck valve covers
12) Thermostat housing for V8 (Don't use V6 housing hole too small)
13) Front tranny seal (better do it now while its easy to get too)
14) Transgo shift kit

The following has been recommended by several members
(You don't need but are strongly recommended)

1) intake w/ all acc. connected from an 87-92 van or truck 305 or 350 will make connecting everything easy to connect rather than trying to make the V6 stuff fit.
2) Tranny cooler
3) Oil cooler
4) Flowkooler disc in waterpump vanes
5) 3 flu radiator out of an 89 Astro (heavy duty)
6) Taurus electric fan
7) vette servo

hope this helps you all!!! :banana: :layrubber:
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gman said:
How hard is this on a gen 2?
I noticed you removed the front clip from the van.
Do you have to weld that back on?
Not hard. Technicalities depending. Do you have emissions, etc?

Short answer: Physical fitment is pretty easy.

The radiator crossmember you are referring to is bolted on 85-94. 95+ is a single piece/welded attachment. I drilled holes before I cut that crossmember then cut it. This way I had bracket holes to line it back up. I didn't cut it wide enough to clear the headers I had on my v8 (I am using the same as MMusicMan). I opted for the adapters rather than drill holes to relocate the motor mounts.

You can see how wide I cut mine in this pic. Ignore the red circle. The stock manifolds on the v6 cleared fine through that opening.

elstoner420 said:
Does anyone have a part # for a radiator, been a real pain to find the HD for the 89.
Are you talking about the thicker 1" radiator? or an aftermarket one?
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