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V8 swap wiring harness

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Hey guys I’m doing a V-8 swap on a 2002 Chevy Astro. it already has the 4L60E transmission in the van and I want to put a 5.7 Vortec in it from a 1996 Silverado I have found a wiring harness by Howell wiring it is #HV57T can I use the PCM off of the 5.7 and wire my engine with this ?
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the 1996 "black box" PCM is inferior to the 2002 "0411" PCM that should be factory installed in your van. keep the PCM you have and wire & program your conversion as if it were a 2002 Express/Savana van - the Vortec 5.7 V8 was an option in these vans and uses the same PCM as yours. if your silverado upper intake plenum looks like this :
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then i believe the stars have aligned for you!
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