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Van overheating

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Greetings to all fellas.
Since my last 500+ mile trip 3 weeks ago my van has overheated a couple of times. When I checked the water level (antefreeze) I have noticed that the radiator is almost empty, and I have not even done trips greater than 40 miles a day.
When I have checked, neither the oil rod seems to have water nor do I find a single leak under the car, except for this small drip on the exhaust side. What could be happening?
Thanks in advance ✌


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Not ideal to wait…. First it will take out the catalytic converter (s) and then the leak progresses to the oil (as the op seems to know now)…

Good news is that the LIM is not a terrible problem…. Fix it now, or pay later. 🙏🏼
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts