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Van overheating

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Greetings to all fellas.
Since my last 500+ mile trip 3 weeks ago my van has overheated a couple of times. When I checked the water level (antefreeze) I have noticed that the radiator is almost empty, and I have not even done trips greater than 40 miles a day.
When I have checked, neither the oil rod seems to have water nor do I find a single leak under the car, except for this small drip on the exhaust side. What could be happening?
Thanks in advance ✌


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Because it overheated again and started to throw everything through the radiator (oil mixed with antifreeze). We are preparing to pay over 2500 on repair :/
These engines don't like to overheat, esp not repeatedly, what probably started out as a LIM gasket needing replacing has now become a much larger problem. That is a bummer indeed.

Also, it helps if you put your year/make/model/engine/AWD/conversion/etc in your profile or signature line so we know what we are working with now and in the future.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts