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Van starts without key, will not power down.

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Not sure if this is the right sub-forum, but here we go.

Went to turn the van off recently and my key was stuck in the ignition. After some jiggling I got it out without too much force, But the van stayed powered up as if it was still inserted.
I can turn the van on and run it as if they key was still there.

So I pulled the negative cable and went and got a replacement lock cylinder and…. same thing.
About this time I noticed my steering wheel wasn't locking aswell. I just had some work done that involved pulling the steering column.

What do ya’ll think? Bad ignition switch? Poorly adjusted shifter cable? something else?
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Why is your shift cable unhooked? Why are you reciting directions to adjust a TV cable, which yours does not have(at least that is what it sounds like)? Why are you under there, all your problems point towards you broke something in your steering column/key/switch setup?
Hopefully and possibly.
I believe that I've had vehicles that you didn't have to have the brakes activated to move out of park. I can't say for sure because it's one of those things you don't really notice at the time.
There's got to be a reason I keep trying to put one of my other rides in drive without hitting the brake though. I'm pretty sure that reason is habit.
GM's, for many years, the park lock on the shifter is defeated if you only turn key to first position, as there is no power to the interlock device. key positions-
acc--lock and key removal--unlock--vehicle on--crank
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