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want to buy complete manifold back exhaust

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Good evening all, I have got an estemate of $1077.99 for exhaust for my new van (1995 new to me) I will be doing the job myself I decided after that price quote. What I need help with is locating some good links to find direct fit exhaust systems. I have found many sites that offer the stainless and high flow units from gibson, I am wanting to look at prices of just standard type of exhaust (el Cheapo stock type stuff) I will then weigh the flow against the price. I'd preffer a quiet running van but a bit of throaty sound would be ok, Just not LOUD!!! any tips would be appriciated, It is a 1995 Safari AWD conversion van W vin code. I need the entire system after the manifolds.
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hey guys, thank you for the replies. I ordered an Eastern high flow direct fit cat from @ $216 free shipping. I will fit that to the existing exhaust for now as the van needs a lot of other stuff, as much as I hate to do that the limited money that I have has to be spent wisely.TD
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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