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Well Adios Amigos!

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It's time to say farewell, as I'm stripping out the '85 V8 Astro "Candy Van." It's been a lot of fun, but I'm moving up to a G-20 project. All the goodies from the Astro are getting moved over to the G-Van... Cammed '72 350, wheels and tires, digital instruments, tongue and groove cedar, teak table, stereo system, custom denim cushions and anything else I can scrounge out of it.

I originally bought the Astro as a parts pile. After a few years and thousands of miles, it is about to fulfill its intended use. Basically, I'm getting all the stuff I put into it back out. That leaves a ripping SBC and a set of wheels and tires for the original investment of $800.

The trans is clapped out and it needs more bodywork than it's worth. What's more, the Gen 1 is harder and harder to get parts for. All that said, I would stick with building the Astro, but I just need a bigger van. G-20 vans are super easy to fix up and cheap too.

So long, Sucka's
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