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Today was the 'big day'- I'm now officially a Safari driver :cool: even though it was just around the block.

New battery after power-wire-brushuing the rust off the battery holder and painting it. New top idler pulley and belt. Drained water and added antifreeze. Bolted in the driver's seat. New wiper blades, topped off fluids, then zoom! Gotta get a coup[e tires tomorrow, replace the doghouse and passenger seat, clean the interior, then load up the tools for work Monday. Still a couple issues ahead but hope things hold up till next weekend because this week's schedule is already full.

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Sounds like you got a LOT done.
Always a great feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment getting our vans back in order
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11th Annual 'COOL WHEELS" Benefit Show - Quiet Waters Park, Deerfield Beach, Fl

The BIGGEST show I do all year... providing sound for our band as well as remote sound for the park.
Over 1100+ show vehicles this year, 120+ trophies, 3 DJ's, LIVE band on stage, giveways, vendors, more!

Beside some of the finest show vehicles in the state.. we also featured several funny cars (11,000 hp) ...which were fired up to shock and awe the crowds! Beautiful weather with an estimated 10,000+ spectators this year. The LIVE band absolutely nailed it this year.. one of our BEST yet! The benefit event raised money for the local Youth Automotive Trainer Center in Deerfield Beach.

I trailer in a 50 year old "old-school" ground-stack 14,000 watt system that SERIOUSLY ROCKS... with mains and additional satellites, and broadcast to remote sound trucks as well. The vintage JBL boxes and Sunn large format tops (from the Woodstock era) amazed everyone.. even me.. lol. I got to hear them come to life with an incredible band. It's like old-school BIG BLOCK technology that still RULES. The show is also streamed online.

Here are a few shots (from my perspective).. which unfortunately do not include the incredible cars! With 1100+ cars it's hard to see it all.. and I'm at the stage with the sound all day.

Loaded and ready before daybreak...
(I'm sure my neighbors love when I fire up my hotrod van at 6am.. lol)
Wheel Automotive parking light Tire Car Land vehicle

Setting up...
Sky Shade Tent Building Vehicle

Red carpet for the show cars rolling in...
Sky Tree Travel Leisure City

My spot controlling the show next to the stage...
(I forgot to get a picture of the amp rack and equipment inside the van)
Musical instrument Hood Musical keyboard Car Keyboard

My setup and partial view ...
Musical instrument Equalizer Electronic musical instrument Electronic instrument Musical instrument accessory

Computer Electronic instrument Equalizer Personal computer Electronic musical instrument

The early crowd and 1st morning DJ (before the band)
(see cars off in distance.. this is just one of 4 lots)
Sky Tree Leisure Travel Snapshot

The band...
Membranophone Jeans Musical instrument Drum Band plays

Microphone Musical instrument String instrument Guitar Public address system

Building Blue Sky Architecture Line

It was a GREAT day... one of the BEST!!

The STYX tribute was incredible (featured vocal)
(gave me goosebumps the band and vocal sounded so good)
The BOSTON tribute was equally amazing! (featured keyboard)

Here's a video sampler of our band...

I'm a low-budget guy just having the most fun I can have doing what I enjoy.
In a couple weeks I travel out of town to do remote sound for another big event.
That's it for now...

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Automotive parking light Tire Wheel Land vehicle Car

Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive parking light Car

Meanwhile.. at this past weekend's Antique Auto show in Pompano Beach Florida...
(one of my annual events)
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Vehicle registration plate

Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle

Wheel Tire Vehicle Land vehicle Cloud

Wheel Car Tire Land vehicle Vehicle

Small show, close to 100 cars total. Great day.
(small sampling in these photos)

How many have a video of their van like this? lol

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Had an interesting show this past weekend.. a few hundred miles up the road.
River Ranch Resort 34th Annual event in Central Florida.

The car show stretches over quite a bit of grounds past buildings and up and down numerous streets. I provide "remote sound" so the event DJ announcements and music can be heard in far reaches of the show past his range.

This resort has hotels, restaurants, saloon, rodeo, kids park, camping, boat marina, fishing, local residents, etc... even have their own private airport (we use for spectator parking)

We had ideal weather (in 70's) and a record turnout with over 560+ show vehicles.
It's in the middle of no-where, and draws from Miami (South Florida), Palm Beach, Tampa, Orlando, Daytona, and some out of state.

Basically, I set up extra equipment at the DJ, and then remote receiver with amp and speakers at my location at other end of show. It doesn't look like much in the photos.. but overall we covered the main event at this resort complex. These are my smallest speakers (and system), but are quite powerful and sit nicely on the roof of van where they serve as "supplemental remote sound"
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Land vehicle

One of the cool cars (worth posting) that caught my eye...
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Hood

Tire Car Wheel Vehicle Land vehicle

Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive tire

The DJ setup at east end of grounds..
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Land vehicle

Our South Florida group..
Sky Chair Cloud Plant Tree

Some of our group's cars...
Wheel Tire Car Sky Vehicle

Simple setup..
Set it once, close door, enjoy rest of day
(I use a ladder to get speakers on roof)
Vehicle Automotive tire Plant Car Trunk

Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light Vehicle

Around the corner from my setup location...
Jeans Sky Cloud Architecture Travel

A GREAT time was had by ALL

This coming weekend I'm headed to a South Miami car dealership for an annual all Corvette show.
It's about an hour ride south of me.
My van covers a lot of distance.. even for car shows.
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My ALL Corvette Show in South Miami yesterday
My 2000 gets to be my gig van for long-haul out of county shows.
Extreme heavy rain on my way to show had me hydroplaning at 20mph on highway (with no visibility)
Actually pulled shifter and engaged 4x4 while traveling, when it got bad.

My setup not too glamorous.. light setup, but it cleared up to be a nice day.
Tire Wheel Land vehicle Car Vehicle

My view...
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Hood

All British car show at a park coming up next.. then a HUGE dealership show first week of March

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Grrr... Climate Change on the Corvettes... oh my.

The Lighting and Color in your pics have always been so prominent.
Be they ever so slight in your eyes - thanks for taking the time to set things up for all of us.

Vicarious Mike signing off..
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