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What I did today....

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WARNING .Some viewers may be offended.... :angry:

Stripped out all the A/C stuff yesterday and went about getting the dash ,heater etc. out...WHY you ask...well, i'm thinking of a RHD conversion and wanted to weigh up all the necessary changes to steering ,shifter, brakes and so on ....and this what i'm left with.... :confused1:
Steering will be either a sprocket and chain affair mounted inside the firewall or if i can route a longer shaft from the right side to the cab to the steering box, whichever is easiest and the brake will require a shaft from the stock pedal unit to an equivalent set up on the right side...any thoughts guys...btw , dont ask why i would go to so much trouble ,its just what i do.. ;)
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OK, I'm gonna have to rain on your parade here.

Chain and sprokets to attatch the steering coloumn? BAD IDEA!!!! :thumbdown:
There is no way that would pass safety standards in any country. Have you ever had the chain come off of your bicicle? Imagine that with steering components at 100 kph-you now have a 3400lb missle that will take out anyone or anything in it's path.
Putting yourself at risk is one thing, but when the public at large is at risk....

Besides, have you realized the complexities of this project?
If you put in a steering coloumn and gearbox on the right side, you lose the heater. And it's not a simple job of moving to the other side- that's where all your wiring harnesses are.

Did you sit in the passenger seat first? How much legroom you got?
The drivers side has about 8" of flat floor- JUST enough room for pedals. The pass. side has, what, 2 inches?? Where are the pedals gonna go?(and don't tell me "twist throttle from a motorbike")

I could go on, but just think about it...all this to change to RHD just because?

Please get a better plan happening before you cut anything. M-vans shouldn't be needlessly sent to the scrapper.
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If people were saying "don't do this or that " for no other reason than cosmetic appearances, then I wouldn't have listened.
But I am talking safety here.
When I built my truck, I had a copy of the Highway Traffic Act in front of me, and built it to the letter of the law. It has been safety inspected and passed with no question. The only time I had been pulled over by the police was in 2007. But the officer just wanted to shake my hand and say "well done".

There is a difference between doing a project, and doing it right.

I have no doubt that you can change your van to RHD, just please do it properly.
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