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What is in your vans tool box?

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I would like to see what is in your Astro/ Safari Van's tool box!

I guess I'm a little nosey.

No really, I am hoping to help fellow new owners with a list of "must have tools"
It would be a great addition to the thread about emergency repairs on the go.

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Seriously, I have three fishing rods in the back of my Astro, if it breaks........... I'll go fishing. :thumbup:
Okay, If they don´t want to go fishing, don´t go. That´s the only tool I have. :shrug:
I'm sorry, I did not mean to make someone upset, I thought you wanted to know what we had in the van. I think it´s a good thread keep it going. I´ll be quiet. :oops:
1 - 3 of 45 Posts
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