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What tires!

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I have a question for you. Anyone have LT205/75r16 installed on their Safari/Astro? Is this overkill? i want a softer smoother ride and i assume that more tire height is better? But i don't know if the build of LT tires makes them tough on the road. What are your thoughts about it!

I need a all weather tire set. I have the WRG4 SUV for almost 3 years but i am considering michelin crossclimate SUV. Stock size (215/70r16). I don't want to change my rim size.

Bridgestone weather PEAK
Michelin crossclimate SUV
Nokian Rootivaa, outpost ( but i don't make outroad)
Toyo celcius LT Cargo

thanks a lot for you input


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There is only a .5" difference in the 2 sizes you listed.
I run LT or comparable tires,as I live in the mountains, and travel rough roads.
"Comparable" because things are changing again about how they list and mark tires.
Any LT tire will ride harsher. But,at the same time, most Astro owners notice it gives the van a better steering "feel", because of the stiffer sidewalls.
Any LT tire can affect mileage=heavier.
Any all season, mud, snow, winter traction tires will cost you gas mileage.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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