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whats a good car stereo head unit ?

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I'm thinking of trying a Alpine
I've tried JVC 4200 remote controlled indash DVD when playing DVD-rw that was full of music it tended to lock up sometimes and there was no reverse or fast forward when playing a DVD-RW only regular CD's

pioneer 4800 I liked it except it did'nt play DVD's

Stock Ac Delco car stereo in my 2002 Astro sounded really good but no MP3 player
another plus i dont think anybody would try to steal it

JVC 7300 remote controlled indash DVD with USB , pretty good stereo for the money , i paid $255 its probally cheaper now


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How they go about getting it , like did they bypass a alarm or no alarm ?
just makes me wonder if mine is safe , i installed a viper alarm with a backup battery and i have it set up where there is no visable signs that i have a alarm , it is completely silent when tripped and then it pages me . I also have a secondary Autopage pager i keep beside my bed that beeps when tripped
in the movie gone in 60 seconds i saw where they break the headlight cover and short the circuit with a screwdriver to blow the fuse of the alarm system , so i did'nt wire it to any unnessacary circuits such as the parking lamps
Leanne93 that front Aux is nice The big volume knob is a must have for me too , i dont like the push button volumes , that JVC 7300 i have you can push one button and it will turn the volume in to a bass control , and if you push the button twice it turns the volume knob into the treble control

On the website
I've noticed that almost every person that has a project on there has a Alpine headunit
Thats tell'in us somthing
I forgot to mention , even though i really like my JVC 7300 , one thing i dont like about it is the red lights , i wish it had green lights , i ran into the newer JVC 7400 and it has green lights , its about time they put green lights in .
all the earlier models had red lights
i kind of actually like the red lights on this JVC 5500 pictured below
Also while searching i found Sony makes a indash DVD player , i did'nt know that and Alpines seem very exspensive.


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