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Whats the real deal with the engine swap ?

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In reading through the V-8 swap forum, the recommendation is to use a TBI injected V8 from a year as close to the one as the van is, which, if I remember correctly, included using a different ECM (the p/n escapes me now).

Anyway, wouldn't any V8 donor vehicle work out if you also use the ECM from that vehicle ? I spoke with someone at an parts store that already did a V8 swap into his bro-in-laws Astro, and he said all they did was take the donor engine, ECM and harness, and put it in the van.

The reason I ask is because I just ran across a couple of deal in my is a 2000 3/4 ton Chevy van, and the other is a 2001 1-ton. Both are priced @ $800 (and probably $400 back from the scrap yard when done yanking parts) . I'm planning to take a look at them tomorrow to see what kind of condition they are in. I'm not sure what the engine's are yet, but the smallest both of those came from appear to be a 5.7L. Looks like the 2000 3/4 ton came with a 4.3 V6, 5 & 5.7L V*'s, and 6.5L Turbo Diesel. The 2001 came with 2 different 5.7's, a 6.5L Turbo Diesel, and 8.1L (496ci). Hmmmm.

If the engine good in the 1-ton, I thought $800 (minus scrap value) was a great deal for the engine and 14-bolt Corp. rear end.

Thanks for your time.

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what I have read is the reason for the same or close to same year swap is that the existing harness in the astro will be all plug and play you have to extend just a few wires but not many as far as the reson for the ecm is you grab the chip and swap it into the astros ecm. the rear may fit but you will have to change the tank to a s10 tank or a fuel cell due to the off set. but anything is possible with some work I installed a 5.7 from a olds cutlass carbed and it romps got the ticket to prove it.
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