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Wheel Backspacing Question

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Well, the 'Offset' question didn't work...think I used the wrong term to describe what I'm looking for... backspacing is what the question should have been.
Could anyone advise on wheel backspacing? Looking at 235/70X15" tires with whatever rims I can fit under the van. I'm going to have the new tires mounted on the stock alloy rims tomorrow. I have no idea what rims may work???
Will 8" wide wheels fit on the rear and allow the side door to open?
Plan on using 7" on the front? Rather use 8" if possible. I've got a 4X4 so cannot get too far out on the rolling dimensions.
Got an NP231 so it ain't always locked in 4WD.
How much backspacing do I need on the front and rear wheels? My van is a 94 and is stock height. Reckon the front could be raised with the torsion bar adjustments if necessary to gain a part of an inch.
Thanks for any advice! JR
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i dont know if this will help but check this out.

These measurements were taken from a 92 astro AWD

The intent was to try to determine sliding door clearance for rims & tires.

As with everything in life.. measurements may vary based on your vehicle.
Make sure your door opens straight all the way down the track. Mine was tweaked a bit and even though
it closed just fine.......... as it opened the bottom sprung in almost 1 inch at the full open position.
A lttle pulling and tweaking was required and it now opens straight all the way.
Now ... I haven't tryed this so it is just a thought at this time........ but it may be possible to get another
1/8 to 3/16 clearance by shimming the last 2 feet of the track out from the body a bit.
There appears to be clearance to do this between the track cover and the door slide mechanism.

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That's exactly what I was looking for!!!! Major thanks! :goodpost:
Glad that helped you these are on the old icon board tech section... if ya need anything else feel free to ask
Reckon Eagle 028 8" wheels with 4.5" backspace with 255/60X15 tires would fit without mods? I bought new tires, but have not settled on the wheels yet.
Thanks, JR
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