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...have all the Mods gone?

Big Kid's about it, god love 'em, bless his/they/them/it heart...

Admin never shows up and the rest are MIA.
True... the clientel have not afforded themselves to critical, off hand thinking.

but... there are some questions and stupid stuff to put up with - Will shows up a day or so every month with a bunch of "yes", "Nos" and I don't see why nots, mixed in with "download the manual yourself, bud" kinda' stuff.
Randy and Leeann are basically non-existent.

No, the Forum is not the same... but... are there not things to do ...?

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The new forum practically takes care of itself... lol

On a side-note: it also seems to have turned into a constant repair forum lately
(which is fine, but more so than it used to be)
I guess these vans are getting older and all seem to be developing issues.
Of course you can go through Randy or Leeann's previous posts and find answers to just about everything.

Mostly working to my satisfaction
(I found a browser that deals better with the barrage of ads too)
I like the "like" buttons.. lol
Drag & drop is the bomb

My biggest complaint.. I miss the dancing banana.
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I'm here, I think Randy stops by but stays in the background, Will drops in from time to time and he does indeed offer the virtual box thing, even though I've never invested enough time and thought to get it working. Leeann has a lot going on IRL, and the Dancing Banana has moved on to other places.

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The company that bought this out has bought a lot of forums, and the ones I go to seem to have lost members, but perhaps that is growing pains. They fix stuff as it pops up. Some of their other sites have "premium" membership, which is less adds, but it does seem the people that come here on phones have it worse. Have noticed here, and on plow forum, using the search box sometimes gives poor results about older issues, but if you use google or other, search for a issue, put in "astro/safari" at the end, the older postings come right up, and the links take you to the threads,here, so they exist, but the search feature seems not to be the best. The info is there, it's just finding it.
Also, as noticed on their other sites, they have very low tolerance for any mod that "snipes" certain other members they seem to dislike, or a mod that throws in political crap in regular posts. That is why they allow "grievances" threads, and the non member public doesn't have to see such crap.

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a problem with searching any specialty forum is lack of proper terminology.

even IF the perfect fix is here, and by now it almost certainly exists, it's kind of hard to find "the thing that connects to the thing."

don't make up words or guess. whatever the FSM calls it is what we should call it.
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