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Which sway bar link length is the best?

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Is it better to have longer Stabilizer Bar Links or shorter.
What would the difference be for the van.?

On my AWD 2002 I am changing the links .
Bought MevOteck MK6428 links and the bolts are are short to get on the nut.
Would need about 1/2 to 1 " longer to get nuts on.
The bolt comes flush with the new rubber end.
There are 3 sizes listed on Rock Auto.
8.89", 9.33" 9.45"
I have a new the long version to install.
The set I have have a sleeve length of 4.567"/116mm, same as the Delphi model below.
But my bolt is about 1cm to 2cm short to get the nut on.
The Delphi TC1833 bolt says it should be 237mm. Not sure if from inside or from top of head.
Should I cut the sleeve or use threaded rod that I have to make it fit?
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Can’t see where a 1/4 inch length either way would matter. I would get longer/shorter bolts. The sleeve should have a rolled end therefore cutting the sleeve would be problematic. Just my 2 cents.
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