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wierd (brake) noise

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i have a 91 awd safari when i back out of my driveway hit the brake then turn right while not moving i get this real bad grinding noise sounds just like brakes but the van is not moving the noise goes away after i start driving even just a little movment stops the noise ive been a mechanic for about 9 years this has me just stumped
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no it only makes the noise when im sitting still once i start to mave it goes away?
no luck with the brakes replaced callipers and rotors same noise next im checking steering gear box its the last thing it could be
I FOUND THE PROBLEM but have no clue on how to fix it my ball joints are grinding aginst the rotors but both are tight yesterday my wife was driving and got pulled over the cop said she was shooting sparks when she turned. anyone know why they could be touching
yeah thats what the cop said i raised the van back up and cant duplicate the sparks but the grinding still exsist the lower ball joint is actually pushing the backing plate against the rotor so not ball to rotor contact but thats no better this weekend i will replace bearings hopefully that will fix the problem I NEED MY VAN
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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