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wierd starting/ignition issue

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What's up yall? I have a 94 astro and it ran fine untill one day it just wouldn't start. I have checked the obvious, batt. conection, fuses, cables and nothing. When I turn the ignition switch, nothing comes on, but there is a switch or solenoid-type thing by the gas pedal that does click back and forth. This makes me think that it is not the ignition switch, but something else. If I go underneath and arc the starter, it works but just won't start the van. Any thoughts?
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Have you had the battery checked?
zombie{[six said:
}":sq8wlo2p]sounds like a bad solenoid on the starter
Let's keep this simple, test the battery first.
zombie{[six said:
}":22raax2b]He said that he can jump the starter directly from the battery and it will its probably the solenoid on top of the starter. i had this exact problem.
Sorry, I read that line to mean something else. I guess it depends if he was arcing the solenoid or the starter itself.
The fusible links can be seen down by the starter. They are smaller gauges of wire attached in series to the wires that attach to the starter. Using smaller gauge wire in this fashion creates a 'fuse' in the circuit. Easiest way to check them is to get for continuity on both ends of each wire.
Thanks for the update.
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