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wierd starting/ignition issue

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What's up yall? I have a 94 astro and it ran fine untill one day it just wouldn't start. I have checked the obvious, batt. conection, fuses, cables and nothing. When I turn the ignition switch, nothing comes on, but there is a switch or solenoid-type thing by the gas pedal that does click back and forth. This makes me think that it is not the ignition switch, but something else. If I go underneath and arc the starter, it works but just won't start the van. Any thoughts?
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Big_kid said:
Welcome to the board. Have you tried starting it in neutral? Checked both ends of the battery cables? Fusible link?

Let us know what you find.
I checked all this except i'm not sure what you mean exactly by fusable link. I did check the fuses and all were good. And it was the solenoid that I was arcing. Put it this way, when I turn the key on, nothing happens, no buzzing, no anything that would normally happen when you turn the key into the on position, except an acuating device down underneath the column(near gas pedal) still clicks back and forth as you turn the key from off to on and back. If it wasn't for that piece moving according to the position of the switch, I would assume it's the ignition switch. Mabey it still is though. Thanks for your advice. Oh, and the 1st thing I checked was the battery itself and it is muy bueno.

Sorry i never updated you all. It was fuseable links behind the battery. they went into a box that melted. all is better now. well actually my serpentine belt broke yesterday, but it's been fixed already. thanks for your help.
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