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Hi all,
Finally got around to replacing my window motor and mirrors. I'd spent most of last weekend and all day yesterday trying to replace the hub bearing on my girlfriends Buick. Couldn't remove it with my puller, and no one rented a puller that would clear the center, so I had to order a serious hub puller ... rodID=8655
You would think this would make short order of the bearing, but not so. It took almost 2 hours of beating and PB Blaster to get it off, but it finally relented.

Surprisingly the window motors couldn't have been easier to install. I kept expecting things to go sideways from fighting with the Buick and I've found this truck to be difficult to work on at times. I'd read on here somewhere that someone had posted how easy to access the motors were once you took off the top part of the door panel almost as if GM intended them to be replaced regularly LOL. Well, I believe it. Both motors I removed were rebuild replacements. Lubed the tracks and wear points while I was in there. Word to the wise, though, white lithium grease is VERY hard to remove from door glass. Ask me how I know LOL!

The mirrors were a cinch, too, but I didn't use the foam seal they came with. The foam squeezed out around the edges, and I didn't like the look. My original rubber seals were in great shape, so I used them instead. Both the motors and mirrors I got from 1aauto, and the price was fair, and they were delivered in 3 days!
While I was in there I checked out my non-working lock solenoids. Both get 12-13 VDC, and the terminals are clean. Cleaned and lubed the linkage, but no success. Couldn't even get a click out of them. I 'm going to just live with them for a while. The side works okay, and I'm getting clicks from the rear door, so I may get away with replacing 2 solenoids instead of 3. Maybe.
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