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- WinXP
- My explorer view as LIST

All COREL Draw related files have an icon which is a tiny thumbnail of the CorelDraw drawing. ie if I have a drawing called bumperMods.CDR the filename, in explorer, has a little tiny thumbnail of the actual drawing of the bumperMods.

This is NOT the "Thumbnail" nor the "Icon" view, it's the "List" view.

I've gone to -
- tools
-- folder options
--- filetypes
---- (select CDR) Advanced
----- Change Icon

The icon shown already shows a generic CorelDraw Icon (hot air balloon) which is what I want. Even so, any other icon I choose from the list, nothing changes on the tiny icon next to the filename. It continues to show up as a tiny bitmap of the drawing.

Deleted Thumbs.db file from the folder(s)
Rebuilt Icons with TweakUI

HOW do I get explorer to associate a generic CorelDraw Hot Air Ballon icon with each filename?

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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