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Wiring for aftermarket foglights.

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Hello,I am Troy1, new member.My question is ,What is the best/easiest way to get the wiring for foglights thru the firewall of a 1997 astro. Thank you for your help.
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As a suggestion, pull back the upper carpet area and look on the inside wall of the firewall. Then, look at the same spot on the other side of the wirewall. If nothing obstructing each side, simply drill a hole the size of a small pen/pencil thickness. Yes. That large of hole. Visit your local auto parts store / electrical store and purchase some rubber grommets. (Actually, its probably best to buy grommet first, then size one's drill bit with it). Push the appropriate size grommet into the newly drilled firwall "hole". If wondering, grommet set kit looks like: ... 300&hx=300

A "rubber grommet insert" stop wires from rubbing the steel edge of the hole, and stopping it from shorting out. Especially from vehicle vibration in the long run. To seal the hole, simply apply some external caulking into the gromet hole (both sides). Thus, stopping any engine fumes leaking into the vehicles inner cabin area.

For me, I Iike installing extra fog lights with it own wiring - connected to Fuse Panel's Accessory pin. Details are:
- Install fog light on vehicle's front area.
- Fog light's "-" 14 guage wire goes to frame ground.
- Both Fog light's "+" 14 guage wires go into a single "Y" connector.
- From single "Y" connector, use thick 12 guage wire back into inner cabin area (through the newly installed firewall grommet). Use a Blue or Green color to identify (remember) this special wire in the future.
- Install a 12V "lighted" manual switch" onto the lower dash area. And, I also ensure switch's ON position is up. Thus, accidental large bump makes the fog lights go off - NOT gravity falling into ON position. And being lighted LED switch, one can easily tell when this switch is in the ON postion.
- Run the switch's 12 guage thick wire to inner cabin's Fuse Panel area.
- Connect this 12V wire into an inline fuse holder. Fuse size for 2 x 55W lights is 10A fuse. Thicker 12 guage wire easily supports 10 amp load.
- Connect the other side of inline fuse to Fuse Panel ACC Fuse pin. Thus, front fog lights are only ON (active) when vechicle's ignition key is in the on position, and one's manual LED Fog light switch is in the ON postion. And best part of all, one is not tapping into vehicle's factory wiring schematics.

Note: If needed, draw a picture using above text words. Picture is always worth 1,000 words... (giant smile).

This schematics and use of grommet in firewall works for me... Happy wiring...

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