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Wont start without some help.

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Ok, so I bought it for $400 and now into it for about $900, When its cold it wont start just turns over. Will fire with starting fluid or jumped from another car and run great but shut it down and wait 20min it wont fire again without some help. Replaced spider injector, plugs wires, ignition coil, battery, fuel filter, drained tank and filled with new gas. Im getting the right voltage to the coil. Im just baffled and dont know what else to do.
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You have the symptoms of not enough fuel for startup, which usually points at the pump.

Get a fuel injection tester from Harbor Freight for ~$14 and screw it onto the schrader valve at the back of the intake on the driver's side. You need 62-64 psi for cold start, 60-66 psi is the spec. And it should hold the pressure for at least 10 minutes.
Spec is KOEO (key on engine off) 60-66 psi, 62-64 psi for cold start.

Your pump isn't putting out enough pressure to start.
The spider comes with the FPR installed.

That's not to say it isn't bad out of the box, but the issue predates the spider replacement.

What got it fixed?
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