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Wont start without some help.

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Ok, so I bought it for $400 and now into it for about $900, When its cold it wont start just turns over. Will fire with starting fluid or jumped from another car and run great but shut it down and wait 20min it wont fire again without some help. Replaced spider injector, plugs wires, ignition coil, battery, fuel filter, drained tank and filled with new gas. Im getting the right voltage to the coil. Im just baffled and dont know what else to do.
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I did that, its saying 48-49psi when I turn the key to on, when cranked it jumps to about 62psi.
Thanks guys, looks like im dropping the tank sunday.
Fuel pump a no go, replacing ignition module in the morning. Turning into the money pit, but cant wait till its perfect. Also replaced the coolant temp sensor and nothing. Something about these vans, usaully it would have had a for sale sign on it already. I hate electrical problems :screaming:
Its running and running great. :chevy:
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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