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Hello, my name is mike, and I'm an alcoholic.. j/k
any who..
I have an 89 astro that I purchased about a year and a half ago for $500 us.
Ive been slowly working on it over that time, making some progress, slow but am making progress, that's kinda the problem when your driving the vehicle your working on.
My 1st question is, awhile back I was looking on ebay and found those altezza euro tail lights (black) but at the same time found matching front turn signals.
can still find the tail lights, cant find the turn signals at all. anyone know if those are still out there. there basically just clear cover with black insides.

2nd, and probably retarded question, I'm just curious about it. has anyone ever attempted to put a s10 grille on an astro van. I like the late 80's style s10 grille and just curious if anyone's tried it.

Heres a pic from about a year ago
At this time I was working on the interior and hadn't done much externally, only thing done here is I cleaned up the old grille (falling apart though), painted hood (it was rusted), and cleaned up and painted my rims. not the stock astro rims, pulled the rims and tires of my 84 caprice wagon when It blew up, purchased the tires about 4 months before it blew, those are the original center caps, just painted silver (paint fades after 2 months though).

New pics from tonight.
there's still dust around from the clear coat when I was re painting the hood.

Here you can see the old paint scheme still on the side door, I havent worked my way back that far yet

with these next pics you will see what I did with my flood lights, never scene it done before so I though I would do it (although I'm sure some one some where has)

Ill post some more pics tomorrow when its daylight.
let me know what you thing so far and if you got any Idea's.
Ill be posting what I got done on the interior in the interior section in a few days.

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I haven't done one on the sliding door but have on a pick up rear window, I used the regulator out of a station wagon I'm ashamed to say it but here it is out of a 80 ford esquire wagon in to a 86 chevy pick up. I use this because it was their and fairly thin compared to the one I had out of a blazer. If your going to attempt this just be aware that you will be spending a fair amount of time on it to work out the track and seals. Good Luck!!
p.s. don't forget about relocating the door handle bar system.

Question was you're van a Choo choo custom at one time?
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