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Would you be interested in higher-rate torsion bars?

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Edit: Thanks to the efforts here we now have an option from Sway-A-Way for our AWD vans: Would you be interested in higher-rate torsion bars? --AstroWill

Hello all, I'm in the midst of some upgrades on my lifted van and I wanted to get a sense of how many other people might also be interested in some upgrade parts.

For most of us with lifted AWD vans, the only real front suspension adjustment we've been able to make thus far is to the pre-load on the torsion bars; either via the stock adjusters, or with re-indexed keys that add additional preload. I would like to have the option to also use a higher spring rate on the torsion bars. With my pop-top conversion and camper additions, my van is already heavier than many folks. In particular, I have been hesitant to add an aftermarket bumper and winch to my van because of the additional weight that would still be borne on the OEM bars.

I am working with a company that manufactures aftermarket torsion bars for offroad and race use. They already produce a line of upgraded torsion bars for other GM trucks, Hummers, Suburbans, etc. These bars range from 15% up to 30% stiffer than stock. I am early in the process with them, but it sounds like they may be able to produce similarly uprated bars for the Astro/Safari platform.

I know that demand will depend greatly on price (which I do not yet have), but it may help things along to know if anyone here would be interested in a pair of these?

There are a lot of things to work out, but I believe such bars should provide a mild torsion bar lift over stock while using the OEM keys, in addition to being a better option for those of us running with greater weight over the front axle.

What say you?
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I’m thinking a coil over conversion could be doable with a beefed up mounting points. Might need an aftermarket upper CA for more room and could lead to a LCA cradle drop and diff drop for a true suspension lift.
I drove the front of my van onto a scale today and it weighed 2940lbs. Didn’t increase until I got the rear axle on the scale.

According to that sway a way site our bars are rated 160.2 lbs/in
Where'd you see the rating for our bars on their site?
Using this form with the info from this chart

I could be wrong but when it says Arm Length in Inches I figured it was the lower control arm which I measure to about 16".

They make a set of bars using the stock hex in the control arm side and a splined end on the key side. Supplying splined keys with it allowing for virtually infinite adjustment of ride height using the factory adjuster bolt. It would be rad if they offered that for our vans. but definitely $$$
Site doesn't work for me either. Last update on the wayback machine was in August Sway-A-Way | Racing Technology – High-Performance Suspension
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