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WTF???? Exhaust Hitting

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I'm really beginning to regret making the V8 swap. :(

The engine has never idled properly even after throwing countless hours & $$ at it. It quickly developed an exhaust rattle under the passenger's side floor. I took it back to the exhaust guys but they said there really wasn't anything they could do cause the end of the headers were hitting the floor. It a modified wheelchair van and the entire floor has been lowered 4 inches. Wasn't that big of an issue except now it's developed a leak where the headers bolt to the heads. I'm taking it into a mechanic to fix the leak BUT before that I was gonna cut the floor to prevent it from happening again. Crawl under the van and the headers are clearing the floor fine, they are wedged tight up against the sub-frame?!?!?! WTF no one said anything about the headers hitting the frame!

So what did I do wrong???

At this point I'm seriously thinking of trashing the V8 and going back to a stock 4.3. God knows it'd be cheaper and less stressful. :banghead: :screaming: :feedback:
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