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Anything to do with the outer exterior of your van. Discuss all body modifications and repairs including fenders and bumpers, hoods and grilles, or doors and windows. All body related things like body panels and handles, wipers and roof racks, mirrors and trim.
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installing a bay window in a cargo van

April 30th 2011, 3:05am

Hey folks, I bought a couple of bay windows on ebay that I want to install in my 2004 astro cargo van. these windows are specifically made for my van. The thing is that I would have to cut away a horizontal brace that runs just under where the factory window would go. I"m sure they must do this when they build conversion vans using the same type of window I have, but I"m afraid it will compromise the structural integrity of my van. I have a link to a picture of what I'm talkiing about and I marked the areas I"ll have to cut. what do you think?

Thanks, Scott

http://s1029.photobucket.com/albums/y35 ... nt=van.jpg

Re: installing a bay window in a cargo van

April 30th 2011, 9:35pm

Weld a piece of 1/8 metal to frame thats left all the way around and put gussets at corners.on the outside of the right angle.Just cut it so the new metal will lay flat on cut bracing.I drew in bracing primitive but I think you get the Idea.that should be as strong as stock.Image

Re: installing a bay window in a cargo van

April 30th 2011, 11:00pm

That's a great idea! I appreciate the effort. I just took a stroll through the junk yard to see if could find an astro conversion van with similar windows and I found one, actually two. One was a shorty built by a possessional conversion company and they just cut the whole brace out and didn't reinforce it with anything. The other one had a smaller window and they just cut enough of the brace to fit the trim ring on but didnt have to remove the whole thing. I think I'm just going to cut the whole thing out and not worry about it. I'm sure it does add strength but I think its mostly for supporting the interior panels. Thanks for your help.

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