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Lock actuator control rod search help...

June 6th 2019, 1:50pm

Hoping someone can help...

I have a 2000 GMC Safari, and I recently changed out my front door lock actuators. That was an interesting situation, because the previous owner or seller had done some rigging with universal 2 for $10 plastic replacements. Instead of taking the old ones out and putting the new ones in the proper spot, this person stuffed them behind the arm rests and attached it's universal control rod to another lever with hose clamps and zip ties! It never really worked properly. I have removed all of that crap and returned it to normal, however since I put the new ones in, now I've noticed that the original control rod on the driver side is missing. This part appears to be discontinued everywhere I can find, but if anyone out there might know a place or website that doesn't come up with google searches for the part # it would be much appreciated! I plan to check local dealership parts departments and junk yards as well, but that doesn't seem likely to work out. I'm also considering having this fabricated if it comes to that, since I have the passenger side to work with.

I believe I'm looking for part # 15689040, which should be the rod connecting the actuator to the part above it. Thanks!

Actuator control rod.gif
Actuator control rod.gif (33.71 KiB) Viewed 418 times

Re: Lock actuator control rod search help...

June 6th 2019, 3:23pm

Passenger side is probably the same number/part - you could scavenge.
Else, the JY is your best bet.

1328 Drvr Lock Solenoid Rivets
Your Van is Gen II, but maybe the Gen I ( above photo ) is the same. Retainer dohickys changed sometime.
I have been working on our Doors for what seems like 6 months. LOL, oh, wait, I have been...
- the Locks / Actuators were Gummy / Good, Handle was toast & Motor reworked.

Our build thread:
https://www.astrosafari.com/viewtopic.p ... 8#p1517078

Wishing I had extra parts to send you. I'll check around here in Ky.

Good Luck - Oh and Nice Looking "Sideways Van". ...from way back when - LOL


Re: Lock actuator control rod search help...

June 6th 2019, 7:30pm

Thanks so much for the reply! I appreciate the thought for possibly having a spare part, and I'll check out your thread you posted! Actually to my surprise a diy junkyard had a few astro vans, and I was able to find the piece! They didn't even charge me for it, since it wasn't in their system. ;) All power locks are working perfectly now. I'll have to remember to check that place again for parts next time!

Re: Lock actuator control rod search help...

June 6th 2019, 8:31pm

Good Luck - Oh and Nice Looking "Sideways Van". ...from way back when - LOL

Oh right, hello Mike! Yeah I see that post started a discussion on picture format and file uploading lol! I thought it was me somehow. Every little project with my van seems to become a complicated one, since it's 20 years old and has had a few owners. I'll have to post some updated pics this year once I get a couple more things done! Cheers!
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