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Rear door handle replacement

PostPosted: August 28th 2008, 5:58am
by mystrovan
I have the barn doors (not Dutch doors) on the rear of my '98 Astro AWD. The outside handle on the right rear door has an obvious crack in it near where its attached. No doubt its gonna come off in my hand one day soon!....then how to open the door to access that service panel on the inner edge of that door?

Can anyone give me any advice or instruction on changing that handle before it breaks off? I gather that I need to gain access through that access type panel on the inner edge to get the handle I right?

I was just going to go to GM dealer to get a new one, rather than a used one in the same condition as mine!

Thanks ;)

Re: Rear door handle replacement

PostPosted: August 28th 2008, 3:46pm
by Big_kid
When the one on my old work van broke(they all do eventually) I kept a screwdriver wedged between the door & the bumper. It never moved unless I pulled it out. I don't remember exactly how I opened the door with it, but it worked reliably for a few weeks until I replaced it. My buddy did the same with the Safari he drove too. I don't remember the replacement being a big deal. The biggest hassle was people constantly telling me I left a screwdriver in the bumper. They looked at me funny when I told them I knew. :!: