the bar and the catch for the lock system...

the bar and the catch for the lock system...

Postby GPSTwood [OP] » October 1st 2020, 12:43am

Hey group!

I'm plagued with an issue..

My driver's door has been acting up - Not unlocking and locking, though the actuator does move, the original one (when unhooked revealed it wasn't moving up and down to it's limits, and I assumed that was the only issue.. Ordered a new lock actuator, and after removing the rivots and installing, it now has excellent travel. Still isn't unlocking/locking the door however, unless I hit it like 10 times and occasionally I get lucky.

This is the problem, I believe:


Note the bare metal.. I believe from pics I've seen on google, there was originally a plastic 'ball' of some type that sat between the two black bars that move the rod. As you will note, I tried to use a hose taped up and positioning it on the bare metal area where it was rubbing - After a few uses it ended up shifting enough to the long part of the rod that it doesn't work anymore - I slid it intentionally further down the rod, just so you all could see what I tried - Too hard to explain that..

Is there a part, piece or anything that might clip together that we can put on there which would stay in place? I can't think of a thing to try other than what I already did. Driving me crazy..

Thanks in advance!!
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Re: the bar and the catch for the lock system...

Postby sixsix » October 1st 2020, 2:33am

First off, welcome...

I have not seen anything like what you describe as a "ball" in that area of a Gen II ( 95-05 ) Lock Lever.
Have seen more cushioning like some white rubber on the fingers tho.

Gen I Vans needed some on both the Rod and the Lock Lever. They were rather noisy, clangy, whatever.
Here's what I did just recently:


Another Nice use of that Shrink Wrap Asst. from the Zone - Dorman.
Put 2 layers on - did the same on the Driver's door - Quiet.

But... in actuality, that can't be all of the problem as you gathered from testing. You have 3 or 4 things moving that need checking for cleaning, blowoff, movement, clearance and Lube/Grease/Oil.
- Lock Unit is moving ...
- So make sure the Lock Lever is Freely moving and Springs back OK.
- Also, when the Lock Unit moves, it pulls the Key Lock Lever also, so ensure the Key is Turning w/o Binding. ( graphite - they still use that? )
- Lastly and probably most important is on the other end of that crooked Lever that runs thru the Lock Lever.
The Latch could use a good greasing on the part that Rod hooks into.
Moving that Rod back and forth while spraying some Cleaner and then Oil, etc will help immensely.

Just so happens I have been working on our Door just over the LAST FEW YEARS, it seems.
Here's an area that Might help: ... 8#p1562468

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