SteelRubber Dutch Door Seal Install

SteelRubber Dutch Door Seal Install

Postby AstroOafAdventurer [OP] » October 21st 2020, 8:47pm

So I finally got around to installing my dutch seal and took some pics to boot through the process for this post.
Pay no attention to the mess, my Astro is in a transitionary phase...

Firstly, I didn't buy the install kit being it was almost the cost of the seal.
I bought a quart of acetone and sealer from WalMart, and some foam safe CA glue for my installation. ... z/16913677
The CA I bought at my local hobby shop, it's rebranded BSI


Here's what I started with, I had no main seal but the side pieces were there.

I cleaned the pinch seal, then pulled it off and cleaned the metal behind it with acetone. In the directions it shows part of the extrude goes behind the pinch seam strip, so all around I pulled it down about 1/4" to allow for this.

I put a dab of the weather stripping adhesive in the middle of the opening and stuck the middle of the extrusion there. I then applied adhesive around the passenger side, pushed the seal into place, and then pushed it and the pinch strip back into place. I then did the same for the drivers side. I ended up using one of the 4 tubes I bought of the adhesive tubes.

The updated version has an insert to keep the corners from collapsing, although it still does a tad, although unless it was solid I don't thin this is avoidable. This is the corner coverage of the insert.

Incase you don't have the bottom pieces as a guide, mine were just under the plastic guides(?) on either side.

One thing I failed to do is cut the excess off perfectly'ish level so my joints are off a little. Here they are glued, and once it's cured a bit I'll glue some more to ensure a decent seal between the two.. Also, I meant to take a picture but forgot, from the directions, the bottom pieces are actually reversed, or I installed them as such because that's how my smooshed originals looked to be.


And lastly, this is what I ended up cutting off each side.

Once it's cured for a bit I'm going to clean it up a bit and try closing it up.
Hope this helps someone.
Thanks for looking!
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