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Mechanic Recommendation for 1991 Provan Tiger GT

January 28th 2021, 6:41pm

I just purchased a 1991 Provan Tiger GT with 60K miles on it. I'm looking to restore and upgrade the suspension.

I am not mechanically inclined and looking for a mechanic with experience with these vehicles to recommend upgrades.

I reached out the the manufacturer and surprisingly they had no advice for me.

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Re: Mechanic Recommendation for 1991 Provan Tiger GT

January 28th 2021, 7:22pm

Welcome to the site! Would love to see some pictures of your GT!

Switching to steel leaf springs will be the way to go. Any mechanic can work on it. It's an Astro van with the back cut off and replaced with a living space. Van wise it's just a regular Astro van, the only thing that might get you is the way they did the bumper extensions. Just make sure to go with the VIN number for the van year, lots of conversions are actually from the year before, AKA it's a 1990 van titled as a 1991 once the conversion was done.

Even most of the RV side is 'standard' off-the-shelf RV parts that you can walk into virtually any RV store and walk out with your parts.
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