Craigs New Camp Chef oven $80 Bellaire/Houston Texas

Craigs New Camp Chef oven $80 Bellaire/Houston Texas

Postby deafman [OP] » January 6th 2017, 1:16am

There is a brand new, in box, Camp Chef Oven for $80 in Houston, Texas.
Listed as ''camping oven'' in Houston's Craigslist with two pics.
It is the older model with the hanging thermometer inside.
Not the newer model that has the thermometer display on the outside.
Good deal if you are near Houston.

If not, but you want a Camp Chef Oven here is the lowdown for the thrifty.
I bought one from Amazon Prime.
Christmas thru Cyber Monday 2016 it was $127.49 delivered. :thumbup:
I may have had to pay tax also ? I don't remember.

I watched the prices for a year.
End of March and June ''outdoorcooking'' on E bay had them on sale for $159.99 delivered.
Both times they were competing with ''bigfishbuddy'' on E bay, who got down to $154.99 delivered at the end of June.
Other than that E bay stayed around $199 mainly and like $179 a couple of times.
And most of the auctioned ones went for more than the cheapest ''buy it now.''

There was a guy in the Czech Republic, or Lithuania, that sold some of them cheap - auction style on E bay.
Some went for a little over $100.
He had some feedback but I was spooked to bid.

Maybe this will help you know when to pull the trigger.
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