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Discuss the cabin from the headliner to the carpeting of your Astro or Safari van. Topics include door panels, and seat belts or the dash and carpet, trim, and seats. Talk about your center console, seats, door handles, upholstery, steering wheels or any other item in the cab of your van.
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electric bed

March 20th 2015, 6:53am

i have just bought this astro van
but would like to take out the electric bed as i need some space for a wheelchair an cases etc
but after looking at it i see its all part of the rear seat
can i split it aprt? any ideas please
i live in Bulgaria so going to the scrap yard is not an option
any help or advice on this lovely ole bus

Re: electric bed

March 20th 2015, 3:32pm

How hard is it to take out the rrear seat bed???
can it convert to just a a seat??
remove the rear part of the bed anybody done that

Re: electric bed

March 20th 2015, 4:18pm

Does it take coins? I could use something like that in my van to help fund more mods. Pull it and let me know shipping cost to USA please.

Re: electric bed

March 20th 2015, 8:30pm

We need pictures to help you. It sounds like you have a conversion van and that seat / bed is not stock.
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