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Re: np136 to np236

PostPosted: November 20th 2017, 11:47pm
by robinasu
Captn.Crunch wrote:Just to reiterate on how this all works I’d like to make a few observations. The 4x4 vehicles we grabbed these transfer cases from had a front axle disconnect. When in 2hi the passenger side axle was disconnected. When any other button was pressed an actuator slid a coller to create a one piece axle. The np236 has a clutckpack with a preload of approx 5lbs. This keeps the front shaft spinning to allow “shift on the fly”.
If you put the 236 in your van nothing will change. In 2hi the encoder motor is shut down. The 5 lbs of clutch preload is still present and your front driveshaft will spin. If you choose 4 auto the encoder motor will be actively waiting to be told of wheel slip and will apply pressure to the clutch pack till all wheels are spinning at the same rate. It will then remove pressure from the clutch pack. If wheel slip is stilll present it will continue to cycle until traction has increased and wheel slip has been eliminated.
If you choose 4hi the encoder motor will crank in full pressure on the clutch pack and a second circuit will lock the motor in that position. This brake circuit is the only difference between the awd encoder motor and the 4x4 encoder motor. Torque will be supplied in a 50/50 split until another selection is chosen.
You can select 2hi safely. The only way to damage the clutches would be to have marked differences in front to rear tire speeds for extended periods of time. Such as long smoky burnouts after a V-8 swap!
I have taken it a step further by installing a Torsen style limited slip in my front end. I still run in awd and have no I’ll effects

Ok, this is what I needed. I got it now - thx!