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Best Vas to aim for? Dutch door "subs"...

August 31st 2010, 4:43pm

I think the DS is about 1.5 cuft and the PS is around 1 cuft. Looking to get some longer - throw 6.5" subwoofers (or woofers) to take advantage of the stock location in the dutch doors. I've already had everything apart and lined them with dynamat in anticipation. :lol:

Also - I like fish. What front door speakers would give me the most bass? :mrgreen:

Re: Best Vas to aim for? Dutch door "subs"...

August 31st 2010, 5:18pm

Front doors also can mount 6.5" spkr , maybe use the same spkr there as used in the rear combined with the factory door mounted tweeters above them, Not sure what spkr is actually the best , cause cost is a factor . I seen 6.5" Pioneers at walmart playing in the display and they did rock quite well. They cost about $70-75 pair and handle 80 watts per spkr,160 watts per pair, Think the bass was as low as 35-40 Hz. There are better, for a lot more money but think they would do well for front door spkrs combined with amplified rear spkrs
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