No Cold Air from Front Vents / No Hot Air from Rear Heater

No Cold Air from Front Vents / No Hot Air from Rear Heater

Postby Gu3nth [OP] » July 1st 2020, 3:36am

Figured it’d be easiest to just combine these into one topic. I recently had no air from the front vents. I replaced two of the three vacuum lines on the passenger side of the engine (the short section that runs from the T into the van and the longer section that runs form the T to the vacuum ball). This solved that issue. However, I’ve now noticed that my AC doesn’t get cold. In addition to this, the rear heater does not get hot (but the front does). A couple of questions.

-is the next step to check for leaks in the AC system?

-are there vacuum lines that run to the rear heat control valve? I’ve seen this part mentioned in other posts but I’m not sure where to look for the vacuum lines that go to it. I’m thinking if I already replaced two for my AC, that maybe the ones for the heater are just worn out too?
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