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Re: AstroSafari.com №12

January 23rd 2012, 7:09pm

Lumpy wrote:I tried posting a 640x480 image yesterday. That size was too large. That 640 wide pic was STILL too large to fit into the area allocated for the post. A 640 wide image is smaller, in my opinion, that will support good exchange of information when someone posts a detailed How To or other helpful image.

Yes, the max initial size setting for linked images to be displayed on the page is set at 640x480 pixels. This not only improves the loading speed of the page but ensures that the images don't run off the page at any resonable resolution.

Lumpy wrote:In short, I simply want to be able to see pics at a reasonable width so that I can see all the details in the flux capacitor bracket mount or whatever the poster is trying to show me.

At any time you want to see a photo in all its glory at the full original size, you can click on the [+] magnifying glass. Not everyone wants to see a 2048x1024 on the page for many reasons. They might not have any interest in the image, perhaps they are not willing to sacrifice page loading time while each and every giant image on the page is loaded, maybe they don't see the page the same way because of their monitor, video card, operating system, browser, and so on.

Lumpy wrote:Couldn't we PLEASE have the ability to post large images without them being truncated?

You do. Post away! The large images get condensed to a reasonable, fast-loading, small size that everyone can appreciate. And for those viewers captivated by the image and are willing to wait for the full-size image to load, they can click the [+] button.

Lumpy wrote:Surely nobody is saying "Oh I'm glad that I no longer have to tolerate seeing pictures at their true size, I can finally see them reduced and replaced with dead space". That would be just plain silly.

Actually, a lot of people are saying that. It was a feature that was requested many times in the past. Members complained of the huge images that take forever to load and requested a resizing method that would create a thumbnail or smaller image that could be clicked on and viewed full-screen. Viola!

One solution that I can think of (that I don't necessarily recommend, but you might appreciate) is to turn off scripting in your browser. The way the image sizing on this site works is dependent on client-side javascript support. However, it will not break without javascript, there will simply be less functionality (i.e. too large images will not be resized after all). What you can do is disable active scripting in your browser and you'll see behavior similar to the old version '07 site.
Example of how to do that in Internet Explorer:

Re: AstroSafari.com №12

January 24th 2012, 1:11am

OK. I can see that you have a vision of how you want the site to look. It's your site. Thanks.


Re: AstroSafari.com №12

January 24th 2012, 1:34am

In Firefox I added AdBlock and NoScript and then configured my browser to NOT allow the webpage to choose my font.......slightly better now. Though the NoScript is proving to be a PITA with other sites.

Re: AstroSafari.com №12

January 24th 2012, 1:49am

Thanks Cargo. Does that add on block



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