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Hello and welcome to the best and original home for Astro & Safari owners. Please introduce yourself to the community and make yourself at home. Tell us about yourself and post your introductions and welcome messages here.

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Please do not post support requests in the new members lounge! This forum is for new member introductions and assistance only. Please post other topics in their appropriate areas so they stay categorized.
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August 2nd 2008, 12:41am

Wow. Still around after all these years!! yay!!

I haven't been around in a bit but after running my head around various vehicles have come back to deciding eventually to get another Astro or Safari. Ah well. can't kill a good thing!

Same old me, I was TheAnarkist on the old board.

I can understand the changing due to software as I recently did the same with my own Forum TheAnarkistGarage.com as the old board was getting an update and I tried the updated software and it sucked! (NO email notifications of posts!!) Sop, I "jumped ship" and redid the forum. So, yeah, I do understand. Though in my case, I was up 48 hours straight building the new forum and then (probably from lack of sleep) completely WIPED IT OUT!!!! oops.....

My 7 year old is pestering me to use this computer so until I get time to look around a bit at the new site.....

Hi!!!!!! :twisted: :wave:

Re: Here!!

August 13th 2008, 11:43pm

Good to have you, Den!
If you ever need any help or have questions don't hesitate to ask.
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