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does this sound like a good price

August 24th 2012, 12:22am

Is $1,500 for all new moog front end parts and 4 new shocks sound like a good deal including labor. i do not think my shocks are bad so if i take out the shocks from the price it drops down $1,100 for parts and labor. is that a good deal and if i can find it lower the place will beat it by 10-30% which i am pretty sure i can find it lower. the suspension is not shot but there is starting to get play in the suspension.

Re: does this sound like a good price

August 25th 2012, 2:22pm

The only way I know of to judge that kind of "is this a good deal" is -

Detail exactly what all the parts are you're going to get. Look up what it would cost YOU to buy them from normal, available sources. The difference is what you are effectively paying in labor.

If all your front end parts need replacing, it's reasonable to assume that your shocks may certainly also need replacing. They're designed to wear out faster than the rest of the front end.

If that estimate doesn't include a wheel alignment, add that to the cost. You'll need one if you replace all those parts.


Re: does this sound like a good price

August 26th 2012, 1:54am

upt here a front end job parts only costed 900 can, not moog with mid grade shocks from monro. i installed myself. my friend charges 2500 with moog, so 1500 is an ok deal. perfect pricing to benefit future buisness.
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