Low Vacuum

Low Vacuum

Postby mglsite [OP] » May 4th 2021, 1:33am

My new to me 2000 Astro vacuum seems to be low. It has a rebuilt motor in with only a few thousand miles on it. It has a good 17" until I turn the AC on then it drops to around 14". And this reading is taken with the gauge plugged straight from the line coming from the manifold with with the other lines bypassed. The idle is 700 rpm. I checked for leaks in the standard places and when revved it comes up to 18". The reason it is driving me crazy is that it will only hold the AC blowing through the dash vents when the throttle is backed off. I was wondering if maybe they set the valve timing a tooth retarded. I changed plugs and distributor and still the same. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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