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Odd Fuel Issue... 0455 Code

PostPosted: September 17th 2017, 4:57pm
by wyomad
Hey all, I have an odd finding with my 05 AWD LT. When I start it up, sometimes it will stall right away if i don't keep my foot on the gas slightly. The idle drops drastically if it does stay running on its own, and every now and then while moving slowly (like parking lot speeds) the steering will become difficult and will almost....or will...stall. The OBDII scanner is throwing an 0455 code, or gross evap leak, and the SES light comes on. Its the only code. Other than that the van runs great while driving.

The other day I bought a new vapor vent valve/ solenoid for it hoping that was the issue. Like an idiot I backed over the new one in the driveway so unfortunately did not get to install it. I had unplugged the electrical connector from the current one and blown some dust out of it, and as I ruined my new one I had to plug the current one back in. Van seemed to run better and my SES light was no longer coming on. Fantastic right?

Well here's what I noticed yesterday. Yesterday was payday and as I commute to work the first thing I do is fill my tank up with gas. Everywhere I've read on the internet says my van should have a 27 gallon fuel capacity... but when I fill it up it apparently only takes 13 gallons. The fuel gauge says its full... and when I do fill it starts stumbling, stalling, and generally running like sh!t at low speeds or on startup again.

Why would my tank only be filling to half capacity?? The fuel tank is not dented or crushed... so I would imagine that would be because of the part I was going to replace (the little box on the D/S rail), but if that was the faulty part would it also cause the fuel gauge to falsely read full?? Is the vapor vent valve also responsible for the gauge reading or is there a float arm built in to the fuel pump? I'm hoping that if I know which parts are responsible for these issues I can pinpoint which ones to replace.

Anyway, I am just hoping someone knows what's causing these symptoms so I can tackle it and make my van less annoying to drive. Thanks for the help and van on!

Fuel pump. It has to be the fuel pump right?

Re: Odd Fuel Issue... 0455 Code

PostPosted: September 17th 2017, 6:07pm
by AstroWill
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Re: Odd Fuel Issue... 0455 Code

PostPosted: September 17th 2017, 6:41pm
by wyomad
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