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PostPosted: January 19th 2012, 9:49am
by crgastro
i have a coolant leak from the front of the block somewhere. i think it is my water pump because before 80k miles we replaced it 3 or 4 times, before it finally worked right. the van now has 217k miles on it. my question is how long do water pumps on these vans last. also if it is the water pump will i need to replace all of the timing stuff along with it? i know with timing belts if you get oil or coolant on them they have to be replaced, but the astro has a timing chain. the van is a 1998 astro AWD. i will get it into the dealer soon to have it looked at. it is snowing where i am at and the astro is all chained up, studs on all 4 tires and chains on all 4 tires, i am not getting stuck or am not going to hit anything. also it does not leak when cold it leaks when it has been warmed up. the van does cycle on the temp gauge.

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PostPosted: January 19th 2012, 1:50pm
by Mr_Bowtie
Could be the water pump gaskets, hoses, or the water pump itself leaking from the weap hole. Could also be the thermostat housing leaking and running down the front of the block. I would say 140K miles on a water pump is pretty decent amount of mileage you got out of it.

Did you happen to buy a remanufactured water pump when you had problems with it leaking a couple times on your at 80K miles. Cause I went through that about 1.5 years ago with my '96. Ended up being the mating surface of the water pump was not smooth on the remanufactured pump. Always buy new from now on! :banghead:

The timing chain is fine no need to do anything there.

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PostPosted: January 19th 2012, 1:59pm
by chevymaher
My water pump is the original still.230 thousand miles.So I would have to say it is luck of the draw.As for the belt just inspect it for wear and cracks.
Before I could post Mr_Bowtie did,and with good points.My T-Stat housing is pitted and will no longer seal with the rubber gasket.I made a gasket from gasket material like my chevelle has.Between the housing and block,and used the rubber one also.To position T-Stat correctly.Solved that leak.

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PostPosted: January 19th 2012, 5:52pm
by RECox286
X2. Right on with the comments from both of the above. Always use a NEW pump, not rebuilt. It's just not worth the few

dollars that you think you're saving. You can pay me now or you can be sorry later. With 140k on the present water pump, I

would be looking at the weep hole on the pump nose. (Look up at the pump from underneath the truck) Also, get a pressure

tester so that you don't have to fool around with a hot cooling system. (Well worth the price.) Some LAPS will loan out such

tools if you don't want to start a collection.


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PostPosted: January 23rd 2012, 10:23am
by crgastro
went to the dealer and from their diagram it looks like from what i can see is it is leaking at the thermostat housing. not horrible price from the dealer, if it is the thermostat it is $97.90 in labor (1.1 hours listed) and $21.80 in parts. i hope it is that and not the water pump which is $298.38 in parts and $231.40 in labor (2.6 hours listed). with all the miles that are on the van 217k we are just going to take it to the dealer from now on because i hate working on it and no one else in town i can trust to do the work right, and it is the same thing with my 230k mile Subaru, (luckily same dealer).