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Setting Timing after replacing ignition components

PostPosted: September 16th 2019, 1:11am
by tahdesign
My sons van dies and had little spark (not enough to make it through the distributor). It is a 2011 V6 Vortex so 2nd gen I guess.

I replaced plugs, wires, coil, cap, and rotor. This got the van running but then I thought I should also replace the icm so I ordered one.

However, after replacing the icm I was getting a P0351 coil error. I could clear the code and it would run without it but on the second running it came back (2 hit code I guess).

Put the old icm back on and the error went away. Guess I have a bad new part.

In my research of this problem I also used a scan tool to look at the Ignition Advance degrees. At idle is was averaging 16.5 degrees (fluctuating between 15.5 and 18).

From what I understand this may mean that I am off a tooth on setting the distributor. I did remove that thinking to replace it but put the original back on with new cap and rotor.

So he is planning on a 5 day trip this coming weekend from VA to PA and back.

My question is will it be ok to run for a bit with the Ignition Advance being slightly to high (one tooth off). The Van seems to run ok.

Just trying to see if that Dog hose has to come back off or not by Wednesday.

Re: Setting Timing after replacing ignition components

PostPosted: September 18th 2019, 1:41am
by AstroWill
The timing isn't 'adjustable'. What you would see is the cam/crank sensor correlation/offset being off.

If it's running good and not throwing any codes you are good to go.

Dog hose ;)
Yes, if you have one of these on your dog, please take it off ;)