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June 3rd 2020, 12:45am

I have the fill tube,and the strap bolts out.
The hard plastic tube that goes from the fumes can,to a "valve" on the frame, how do you disconnect it?
I look at the connection,and do not know how to get it to release. :confused:


June 3rd 2020, 12:51am

Squeeze. You squeeze the pads to release the connector from tabs on the evap vent valve.


June 3rd 2020, 7:33pm

I have several questions about dropping my fuel tank. I probably need to change the fuel pump, so I will be dropping the tank. I have seen discussions about cutting an access hatch in the floor of the van and I have decided not to go that route. My questions are about clearance.

If the van is not raised, just sitting at normal height on its wheels, will I be able to slide the tank out from under the van to do the fuel pump change? If I siphon as much of the fuel out as possible will it be light enough to drop it safely with out using a floor jack? If I use a floor jack will the height of the floor jack make it so I don't have clearance to move the tank out from under the van, unless I have the van raised above normal height? (I know this depends on how tall my floor jack is when all the way down. Lets just say it is 6 inches tall.) If I am going to need to raise the van up how high does that need to be? Is there any advantage in removing the left rear wheel to get it out of the way of moving the tank around?


June 3rd 2020, 9:52pm

I have a thread on this that I'll update with pics too.
But on a 3rd gen, i simply needed to place jack stands on the lowest setting under the rear axle and it was just enough clearance for the tank along with a little breathing room.
But those tires are a couple of inches taller than the normal 15" second gen wheels.

Make sure you chock or block the front wheels somehow, as the e-brake and trans engagement only affects the rear wheels.

Shove the van from all sides to make sure it doesn't budge before getting under it.
Sorry, it's probably pretty obvious, but all the stories of people with cars falling on them scares me, bit with proper precautions, I would imagine that it has a very low likelihood of happening.

I can keep an eye on this thread over the next couple of days if you want hints.


June 3rd 2020, 9:54pm

Yes, you need to jack it up a little.

This is my tank and you can see the bottom of the van - I have all the tires 4-5" off the ground in this pic and my tires are stock.


It wouldn't be real comfortable to be under there and work without having it up at least a little on jack stands.

My pics and steps are here:
https://www.astrosafari.com/viewtopic.p ... &start=360


June 3rd 2020, 11:00pm

N6KB wrote: Is there anyone here who wants to talk about Chevy Astros or GMC Safaris?

Touchy, touchy...
Had I known anything about your situation - I would have posted 20 pages of instructions.
As it were, I have never fooled w/ a Fuel Tank, Pump or whatever.

No one was here and I just went off, pissed about the current events.
Sorry we were less than sympathetic.

How is the progress w/ the release retainers ?

Did you jack the van up enough where you were comfortable working under it with jack stands , jacks and/or cribbing?
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